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Sports Nutrition International is actually a leading producer of premium dietary supplements for sportsmens who put priority on strength-training and endurance.
Products by Athletics Health and nutrition International are made via trustworthy, peer-reviewed, posted scientific research in muscle mass anatomy vis-à-vis sports functionality and also dietary science in the field from stamina & conditioning performance.

Sports Health and nutrition International supplies a range from superior top quality sport supplements as well as provides services for thermogenics, power powder, effective weight loss supplements, glutamine particle, creatine, weight gainers and also electricity tablets. Elements are of highest quality.

The complying with nutrients are essential to a lot of Sports Nourishment International’s items:


This is the absolute most rich amino acid in the body. Higher attentions are discovered in skeletal muscular tissues, bronchi, liver, mind, and stomach cells. Intracellular concentration from l-glutamine in the skeletal device creates up to 60 percent of overall body system glutamine supplies.

L-Glutamine is actually little in size and because of this it removals easily in to muscular tissues hence stopping muscle-breakdown and supporting muscle mass growth. L-Glutamine additionally helps the manufacturing of plasma televisions arginine as well as glutamate– amino acids associateded with growth.

L– glutamine should be taken on a vacant belly to boost competitors for absorption.

The physical body’s tissues need to have additional glutamine compared to the volume provided through diet regimen and biosynthesis under certain pathological scenarios. Throughout catabolic worry intracellular glutamine degrees could drop over 50 percent. This is when additional glutamine becomes necessary. On time of metabolic tension, supplementary glutamine is discharged in to the bloodstream, where it is actually moved to the cells in demand.

Glutamine supplements might offer invulnerable augmentation in endurance professional athletes.


Glutamine peptide is actually a kind of glutamine that supplies important foundation for larger muscular tissue mass. Peptide-bond amino acids are actually much easier to soak up than L-glutamine. Athletics Nutrition International has actually added glutamine peptide to Xtreme Pro Whey ™ to improve rehabilitation as well as growth.


Creatine Monohydrate is among the absolute most prominent and most effective muscle building supplements today. This is actually due to its quick-results in relations to measurements and durability increases. Within 2 to 3 full weeks of making use of a person can easily get 5 to 10 extra pounds along with clearly much larger muscle mass.

This nutrient is actually naturally made in the body system as well as stored in muscle cells as power. This is actually discovered in healthy reddish porks and also green leafy veggies. Having said that as people may fast voluminous amounts of these per day, supplementation is actually essential to fill the muscle tissues.

Creatine revitalizes the muscles important power source, ATP or adenosine triphosphate. Raised degrees in muscular tissues enhances energy turnover meaning you’ll much more energy for high power exercise as well as faster recovery during the course of and also after workouts. Creatine also boosts the athlete’s max effort, delays fatigue and also therefore prolongs endurance.



Xtreme Methoxy Rx is a remarkable anabolic formula that utilizes a combo of supplements to help you acquire astonishing quantities from slim body system mass.

Xtreme Methoxy Rx has large dosages of these effective lawful anabolic materials: Methoxyflavone, Ipriflavone and Ecdysone. These materials improve nitrogen recognition with doing work in different paths.

Athletics Health and nutrition International’s personalized Protein Rx ™ blend, which includes a combo from Whey Isolate, Whey Peptides as well as micro/ultra filteringed system Whey Concentrate. Healthy protein Rx ™ obtains Glutamine Peptides, Taurine and also Arginine to improve healthy protein formation, grow rehabilitation times, activate sugar uptake and also raise the launch from GH.

The blend likewise includes Zinc and Magnesium mineral Aspartate plus vitamin B6, the blend of which boosts testosterone levels, assisting you obtain an anabolic impact and boost strength gains.


This consists of pure whey protein and also glutamine peptides.

Xtreme Pro Mass supplies a great tasting higher carbohydrate-protein ratio (2:1) to activate muscular development after workout session. This is an easy-mix, low-fat cocktail along with low and high glycemic carbohydrates which offers a continual launch from energy to hard working muscle.


Xtreme Pro Pump is a creatine transport body that mixes nutrients to help with faster absorption in to muscle cells.

Xtreme Pro Pump is made from quadruple stack from Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vanadyl sulfate, Chromium peptide, and also d-pinitol. This formula aids improve blood insulin response when combined along with dextrose. This is critical for improving muscular tissue mass. Ipriflavone, methoxyflavone, and zinc and also magnesium aspartate as add-ons make this formula a comprehensive anabolic supplement.


This is actually made up from 100% pure whey concentrate, isolate and whey peptides. Natural digestive chemical complicated is included in enhance digestibility as well as consumption, hence decreasing ballooning frequently linked with protein intake.

Xtreme Pro Whey may be mixed quickly along with water or nonfat dairy.

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