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Hexarelin 2mg

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Hexarelin 2mg


Hexarelin 2mg

Hexarelin is comprised of a chain of amino acids that when administered stimulates the pituitary in a pulsating fashion causing it to release more GH into the body Unfortunately at this time it is not fully understood how Hexarelin causes such a strong increase in GH compared to say GHRP6 data merely shows that the increase is significantly more
The use of Hexarelin has also been shown to increase prolactin and cortisol levels in the body far more so than other GH products Prolactin increases should not be as strong as they may be with certain anabolic steroids but they may be significant in some cases Hexarelin will not increase Ghrelin levels in the body like GHRP6 despite being very similar on a structural basis
Data has also shown Hexarelin to be one of the faster acting GH products on the market but also one of the few that stops working after a set amount of time GH levels should increase quickly and in a beneficial manner in as little as four weeks However use past the sixteen week mark has been shown to produce little to no results Use of any worth will normally fall in the 812 week range with 46 weeks of no use minimum between Hexarelin cycles The peptide will not render pituitary function GH production post use as will anabolic steroids in regards to the testicles but it does appear to have a short lived actionable period of use


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