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Rad 140 10 mg

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Rad 140 10 mg x 30 ml


Rad 140 10 mg x 30 ml

In the studies involving RAD140 also known as Testolone testing was carried out mostly on mice and monkeys However the results of these studies have shown to be very promising For instance it was proven that RAD140 has the unique property of countering the prostate enlargement caused by testosterone use which makes it a perfect stacking agent for highly androgenic steroids that can cause this undesired effect

Furthermore when Testolone was given to monkeys there was a drastic increase in lean bodyweight during the administration period This increase in lean mass was dosage dependent so with bigger dosages there was a more pronounced increase in lean mass and loss of fat tissues Hence testolone is a true SARM with all the properties that are expected from compounds of this kind – safety and effectiveness


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