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Sermorelin 2mg

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Sermorelin 2mg


Sermorelin 2mg

Sermorelin Acetate, also known as GRF 129 is a Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone GHRH) produced by the brain that stimulates the production and release of Growth Hormone GH) Sermorelin Acetate was first developed in the 70s, which is thought to be the shortest fully functional fragment of GHRH and has been used as a test for Growth Hormone secretion It is often used extensively in Antiaging Therapy along with Testosterone in men Sermorelin Acetate affects a more primary source of failure in the GH neuroendocrine axis, has more physiological activity, and its use for adult hormone deficiency is not restricted Compared to human Growth Hormone hGH), Sermorelin Acetate is a growth hormone secretagogue, which means that it stimulates the pituitary gland to produce and secrete growth hormone Also, Sermorelin Acetate and Modified GRF 129 contains 29 amino acids whereas hGH is a larger molecule containing 191 amino acids


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